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2013 Community Health Profile

The mission of the County of Riverside Department of Public Health (DOPH) is to promote and protect the health of all county residents and visitors. This report, the 2013 Community Health Profile, will help guide our efforts and highlight areas where we can improve the health and well-being of Riverside County residents.

The residents of Riverside County could be healthier. Better diet, more physical activity, and less substance use can significantly improve health outcomes and advance the quality of life.

  • Fast food consumption has risen in Riverside County, with more residents consuming fast food four or more times during the recent survey week. By comparison, fewer residents ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • Nearly three-quarters of Riverside County children were physically active for at least three days each week, however, only one-quarter were physically active for at least one hour each day. Physical activity levels may be hindered by an excessive amount of television viewing, because 90 percent of children report 2-5 hours of screen time during the weekend.

  • In terms of substance use, binge drinking rates have remained stable for the past few years, while tobacco use has increased since 2005.


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